How to Prepare Before Wisdom Teeth Removal? – Stafford, VA

Wisdom teeth have gained a negative reputation that leaves many patients scared despite the continuous advancements in dentistry and its procedures. Well, who can blame them? Its eruption really does cause discomfort and pain. Although over-the-counter products can help, its effects are only temporary.

One of the reasons why a wisdom tooth needs extraction is the insufficient space on the jawbone. While others say it is about evolution, it is actually due to the change of diet in the modern times. People from small tribes who do not practice eating the modern diet still has enough room to grow all 32 teeth.

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Painful Tooth

The mere thought of sitting on a dental chair while waiting for the tooth to be extracted can be terrifying to some people, and it is normal. Fear is a normal response to anything unfamiliar, perceived as a threat, or painful. Many people do experience this, but it should not get in the way to properly maintain the overall oral health. To help patients prepare for their scheduled extraction day, here are some tips!

  • Know the reason why extracting the tooth is the best course of action by talking to the dentist. By doing so, the dentist’s words can serve as an assurance that the procedure would ensure your overall wellness and health.
  • Ask all the possible questions you need to know like the duration of the procedure, the number of the tooth to be removed, what to expect, healing period and more. Knowing the answers can help the patient feel calmer and more at ease during the scheduled appointment.
  • Inquire for the available means of comfort. While local anesthetics can be effective, checking for other options like sedation dentistry gives the patient to choose the most suitable and effective solution to counter fear and anxiety. To ensure the patient’s safety, measures like checking for their medical history and list of taken medications will be performed beforehand.
  • Prepare a means of transportation on the day of the extraction. It is best to bring someone who had experienced the procedure firsthand to make the patient feel at ease and confident to undergo wisdom tooth removal.
  • Get plenty of rest, keep the head elevated, eat soft foods, avoid using the straw, and take the prescribed pain medications; these are only some of the tips that can guarantee faster recovery. Make sure to listen to the instructions provided by the dentist during post-recovery to avoid any complications.

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At Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists, we make sure to preserve our patients’ smiles. At times that we need to decide if extraction is the only best option, we do so carefully minding their comfort and safety for a better experience.


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