Oral Surgery Procedures Stafford, VA

At Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists, we offer many oral surgical procedures for our patients. Although oral surgeons are dentists, we also have an intricate knowledge of the tissues and bones of the face through our extensive education and training. We perform many tooth and jaw procedures and repair or correct tissue issues within the mouth and facial region. Some of the other oral procedures we perform at our office beyond the expected wisdom tooth removals and jaw surgeries include repairing impacted canines and frenectomies.

Impacted Canine

The canine teeth are the second most common teeth to become impacted after wisdom teeth. While impacted wisdom teeth are usually removed through oral surgery, the canine teeth are more valuable to the bite, appearance and function of a person’s smile. Canines usually erupt by age 13, and if they are impacted, it is important to begin treatments to help the canine erupt. Dentists and orthodontics refer their patients to us to perform necessary oral surgery to facilitate natural eruption of the canines. The procedure used depends on the position of the impacted canine, the age of the patient and various other factors involved.


A frenectomy is the removal of a frenum, a muscle that attaches two tissues together. In the mouth, there are two frena that can cause disruption in development. One is located under the tongue and one is located under the top lip. The lingual frenum under the tongue attaches to the bottom of the mouth and can sometimes grow too large, securing the tongue to the floor of the mouth for limited function. The maxillary labial frenum attaches the top lip to the gum and can cause a large gap to form between the front teeth if it is too prominent.

At Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists, we offer a comprehensive list of oral and facial surgical procedures for our patients. Our office accepts many insurance plans to help minimize your out-of-pocket costs. Contact our office today to learn more about all the oral surgical procedures we offer.