Wisdom Teeth Removal Stafford, VA

The most common tooth to be removed for preventive reasons is the wisdom tooth. These large molars arrive in the late teens and can be a cause for many dental issues. At Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists, our team of specialists provide safe and stress-free wisdom tooth removal at our office. We offer various levels of sedation with our oral surgery services available to put you or your teenager at ease.

Wisdom teeth issues can cause misalignment or malocclusions. They can also become impacted in the gums or grow the wrong direction. In some cases, there is not enough room left in the mouth, causing overcrowding and overlapped teeth. Wisdom tooth growth should be monitored, and if there is an obvious issue, they can be removed proactively before they cause problems.

Some people receive their four wisdom teeth with no trouble. However, that does not mean they will not need to be removed. Wisdom teeth are notoriously difficult to keep clean. They are more likely to become decayed and accumulate tartar that can lead to a higher risk for gum disease. If you have problem wisdom teeth, your dentist may suggest removal.

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Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many issues. They can be painful, shift other teeth, cause sinus problems or become infected. In most cases, impacted wisdom teeth should be removed to prevent further oral health issues. Our team uses the most advanced imaging technology to help our surgeons plan and perform impacted wisdom tooth removal without damaging the surrounding teeth or oral tissues.

Most wisdom tooth removal procedures are completed with sedation for the comfort of the patient. We offer several options for sedation, depending on the patient and the type of surgery we will be performing. If you or your teen need wisdom tooth removal, contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists for a consultation. We accept many dental insurance plans for your convenience.