Recover Quickly From Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Stafford VA Oral SurgeonsHaving your wisdom teeth pulled may not sound fun, but at the moment, it’s a reality you need to consider.

Fortunately, you can make your recovery as efficient as possible by following a few key instructions.

Take Your Time

Literally, you’ll need to take off at least three days to recover.

Your jaw may look swollen, and painkillers may make you drowsy. None of that’s good for on the job (or driving.)

You may need two weeks total to recover, in the worst case scenario. But don’t be shy about spending one of those weeks getting lots of rest. It’s the best way to help your body heal!

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Be Prepared for Discomfort

Yes, discomfort is a part of the process.

Your procedure won’t hurt since you’ll have anesthesia, but once the numbness wears off, your jaw will be sore. If your doctor okays it, start taking an OTC painkiller before the procedure. Then, continue taking it and/or the prescription you get after the surgery as instructed.

Being proactive will help you stay as comfortable as possible, which makes it easier to get the rest you need.

Watch What Goes in Your Mouth

Eat as soon after the surgery as you feel up to it, but stick to liquid and soft foods that don’t have tiny seeds or rough edges. You don’t need extra debris getting stuck in your mouth or wedged into the healing socket.

Remember: no alcohol or smoking while you recover, and don’t use straws for drinks since the suction could dislodge the blood clot.

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