How to Find the Right Oral Surgeon in Stafford

Stafford VA Oral SurgeryJust the fact that you need oral surgery is enough to leave some people feeling nervous. But add to that the task of finding a good oral surgeon and you may start to feel overwhelmed.

To find a skilled surgeon, try the following:

Ask your dentist.

A local general dentist often refers out complicated procedures and extractions to an oral surgeon in the area. Start by asking your Stafford general or family dentist who they are comfortable sending patients to.

Talk with friends and family.

Ask around among folks you know to see who they recommend. Someone who recently had their wisdom teeth removed would be a good person to ask.

Look for lots of experience.

Even if a surgeon is new to an area or practice, he or she may still come with extensive and valuable training. A professional who was serious about their education will be serious about treating their patients.

Find someone who works with your insurance.

A good portion of your stress over oral surgery may be related to the cost of treatment. You’ll need an office that’s flexible enough to work with a variety of insurances and offer convenient payment plans.

Talk with the oral surgeon.

Visiting an oral surgeon for a consultation doesn’t mean you have to be treated there. Take advantage of the chance to get to know the doctor and surgical team. If your personality feels like a fit for that office, then you know your treatment will be a great experience.

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Your New Stafford Oral Surgeon

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