What is Endodontic Treatment?

Stafford VA Root CanalsYou may see your regular dentist if you happen to crack your tooth. But if the damage goes deeper beyond the surface, you might need endodontic treatment.

“Endo-” means inside and “-dont” refers to tooth. So endodontic therapy, or the study of endodontics, refer to treating the inside of a tooth.

There’s more to your tooth than what meets the eye. Inside the hard white enamel is a somewhat softer layer called the dentin. The dentin surrounds a hollow cavity which contains a tissue called the pulp.

Pulp is made up of nerves and blood vessels which feed the tooth.

Yes, your tooth is alive!

Those nerves and blood vessels help your teeth stay strong from the inside out and give you the ability to sense temperature change and pressure.

But your tooth pulp is very sensitive. It relies on the protection of those tough outer layers. If the enamel and dentin are damaged, bacteria can leak in and infect the pulp.

Not to mention, just having all those nerves exposed can put you in a lot of pain.

This is why it’s important to treat a cracked tooth as soon as possible. It’s not always enough to just patch up the tooth. An endodontic specialist can numb the discomfort and treat the exposed nerve before it has a chance to cause you trouble.

Endodontic therapy can include a root canal, which is when the compromised or damaged nerve is completely removed and replaced with a rubber filling.

Source: Endodontic Treatments and Procedures – American Association of Endodontists (aae.org)

So the next time you have an aching or cracked tooth and suspect nerve damage, remember to call a Stafford endodontist. Contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists to learn more.

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