Not Your Uncle’s Typical Floss in Stafford, VA

Flossing is commonly one of the most neglected parts of proper oral hygiene. We sometimes forget that brushing alone cannot give complete cleanliness to the teeth. In order to reach the excess food debris that settled in between the gaps of the teeth, flossing is necessary. Failure to floss the teeth may cause plaque build-up and increases the risk of tartar production. Plaque build-up and tartar production are two main culprits of getting more serious oral problems.

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Regular brushing and flossing can prevent your teeth to accumulate other oral disease and infections, but it is also important to secure optimum care to your oral health.

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As product innovations are becoming more and more advanced, including those innovations particularly in oral health cares, it is not anymore impossible to achieve a more fun oral hygiene experience. In the market, there are wide varieties of flosses being sold. Gone were the days when flosses come only in one typical mint flavor. Today, people can now choose and enjoy different flavors of flosses, and some of them are insanely flavored!

Insanely Flavored Flosses That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Salad Flavored Dental Floss. Your big bowl of salad doesn’t always come in a large size of white bowls sometimes it comes from a little floss dispenser.
  • Bacon Flavored Dental Floss. Admit it, who doesn’t like slices of bacon? Might as well pair it with burger and fries. It tastes better than your mint floss.
  • Cupcake Frosting Dental Floss. Mommies will no longer find it hard to convince their kids to floss. Thanks to this sweetest flavored dental floss!
  • Pickle Flavored Floss. Pickle in a small handy dispenser? Why not.
  • Cat Flavored Dental Floss. This one I guess the most insane flavor of floss.

These were just some of the different bizarre, flavored floss offered to make flossing a more enjoyable thing. After all, the possibilities are endless. Who knows one day your favorite viand may come in floss too?

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