Root Canals Stafford, VA

When the interior of a tooth becomes diseased or infected, its health is in jeopardy. It can also cause severe pain if the nerves inside the tooth are impacted from inflammation or pressure. At Stafford Oral Surgery, we have an endodontist on our dental team to perform root canal treatment to remove diseased pulp and infection from the inner canals of teeth. This can stop the pain and infection while protecting the tooth from needing extraction.

There are many reasons a tooth may need a root canal. If decay progresses through the outer enamel and structure of the tooth, it can work its way inside the tooth and into the pulp. Trauma to a tooth that causes a crack or chip can also allow decay, bacteria or infection inside the tooth canal, causing pain, inflammation and even abscess. This can damage the root of the tooth, and if not treated with endodontic therapy, the tooth can be lost.

Root Canals Don’t Hurt – Infected Teeth Hurt!

Root canals have a poor reputation, but usually undeserved. Many people equate root canals with a painful tooth experience, but it is the infection of the tooth that is painful, not the procedure. Root canals remove the infected or diseased portion of the tooth inside the tooth canals. This stops the pain and protects the tooth from further damage. While the tooth may be tender after the procedure while it heals, the intense pain that often accompanies the infection is relieved.

When undergoing a root canal, you want the expertise of an endodontist and oral surgeon. These procedures are common, but there are possible complications that can require the advanced training and experience of a dental specialist. If you have been advised by your dentist that you need a root canal, contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists for an exam and consultation. We can help relieve your infected tooth pain and protect your oral health.