Periodontics Stafford, VA

Your gum health is directly related to the longevity of your smile. It can also impact your overall health, with gum or periodontal disease having links to higher risk for many serious health conditions. Periodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on the gums and supporting structure for the teeth, treating many conditions that affect gum and oral health.

At Stafford Oral Surgery, we offer specialized treatments for gum disease to improve oral and overall health for our patients. Almost 50% of all adults have some level of gum disease; this number jumps to more than 70% of adults over the age of 65. When gingivitis or periodontitis is present, the gum tissue and supporting structures for the teeth are compromised. Bone and tissue loss due to this severe oral infection can result in loose or lost teeth; plus, the bacteria responsible for gum disease have been linked to a higher risk for stroke, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and pregnancy issues. Our team can help treat various levels of gum disease and help improve your oral and overall health.

Periodontics – Our Doctors

Dr. Eleni Kanasi

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Treatment for periodontal disease varies depending on the scope and level of the disease. Gingivitis and periodontitis are similar forms of gum disease. Gingivitis is less severe but can progress into periodontitis, a more serious level of gum disease. While not all gingivitis will become periodontitis, this lesser form of gum disease is always present before periodontitis strikes. We offer treatments for various levels of periodontal disease at our office in Stafford, including:

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation and Internal Sinus Elevation

Bleeding/Receding Gums

Crown Lengthening and Esthetic Crown Lengthening



Gum Disease and Gingivitis

Osseous Surgery for Pocket Elimination

Peri-implantitis Treatment

Periodontal Regeneration

Soft Tissue Grafting

Dental Implants

Surgical Extraction of Non-Wisdom Teeth

If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis or gum disease, you can trust the oral health professionals at Stafford Oral Surgery for advanced treatment to care for your gum health. Call our office to schedule a periodontics consultation to learn more about our treatment options to restore your gum and oral health to protect your smile.