Bleeding/Receding Gums Treatment Stafford, VA

When your gums bleed easily or are noticeably receding, these can be signs of gingivitis or gum disease. Not only can gum issues detract from the beauty of your smile, they may be causing you discomfort and poor health. When gum tissue becomes infected from bacteria on your teeth, a progression of ill effects can begin to occur. At Stafford Oral Surgery, we offer effective treatments for infected gums and varying levels of periodontal disease.

The bacteria that feed on food particles on your teeth are responsible for most gum infections. Plaque is formed from food debris and bacteria, which can irritate the gums. If plaque is not effectively removed, tartar can form and create a solid housing for bacteria to live. This can lead to a severe infection of the gum tissue, causing receding, swelling, redness, bleeding and tenderness. If left unchecked, the infection can cause a breakdown in the supporting tissue and bone for the teeth. This allows teeth to shift, become loose and even fall out.

Relief for Swollen Sore Gums

When your gums become inflamed, red and recede from the teeth, this is most likely signs of gingivitis or gum disease. Relief for these symptoms involves using periodontal treatment to restore gum health. The first task is to clean the teeth and remove any tartar that is shielding bacteria that cause infection. This can mean deep cleanings below the gum line to reach tartar formed in the pockets around your teeth. Depending on the extent of the infection and damage to the gum tissue, other treatments may be necessary, including oral surgery to remove diseased gum tissue.

Our goal at Stafford Oral Surgery is to help our patients obtain the highest level of oral health. Protecting your smile from gum disease with effective treatments is one of the many advanced dental services we offer at our clinic. If you have receding, bleeding or painful gums, contact our office to schedule a periodontic consultation.