Piezocision for Accelerated Orthodontics

One of the biggest deterrents for adults that would like a straighter smile is the length of treatment time. Wearing braces for a year or longer is not something many people want to endure, and not all orthodontic issues can be altered using clear aligners. An alternative is now available, shortening the time needed to adjust tooth position through a process called Rapid Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP). At Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists, we offer Piezocision for accelerated orthodontic treatment.

RAP uses intentional perforation of tissue and bone to cause an inflammatory response that allows teeth to be moved quicker. This technique has been studied for many years, using different methods of delivering an intentional injury and inflammation to targeted areas. Piezocision uses specialized micro-cutting tools to create RAP in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The result is reducing treatment time by about half, lessening the inconvenience of wearing braces.

How Piezocision Works

To perform this procedure, our oral surgeon uses the Piezocision tool to make vertical incisions through the gum tissue and outer layer of bone between the teeth. This is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed under local anesthetics. The incisions cause RAP and allow for quicker transformations of the teeth when combined with orthodontic treatment. Our oral surgeon works with the orthodontist to ensure the best results for the patient.

If you have wanted to straighten your smile but want a quicker way to get the results you desire, Piezocision accelerated orthodontics may be the solution. Contact our office to schedule your consultation to learn about this procedure and to find out if it is right for your orthodontic treatment. Not everyone is a good candidate for Piezocision, but many patients have received excellent, quick results for their orthodontic treatment using this procedure.