Osseous Surgery Stafford, VA

Gum tissue protects the roots of the teeth and should create a seal around each tooth. When the gums become infected or irritated, they can pull away from the roots of the teeth, creating pockets around the roots of the teeth. These pockets allow bacteria to flourish under the gumline, which can become an advanced form of gum disease, leading to bone loss, tooth loss and other health risks. Stafford Oral Surgery offers osseous surgery for pocket elimination to help protect oral health and restore healthy gum tissue.

Osseous surgery is used to combat gum disease and infection that has progressed below the gumline. Once deep pockets form around the teeth, it is nearly impossible to remove food debris and bacteria with home care and to stop the spread of infection, bone loss and changes to the oral tissues. Changes occur to the bone structure that cause the gum tissue to continue to recede. Osseous surgery can stop this progression and offer treatment to stop the infection and allow the gum tissue to heal.

How Osseous Surgery Reduces Gum Pockets

To restore the connection between the gums and tooth roots, the infection must be stopped and the bone beneath the gumline smoothed. This surgery uses incisions along the gumline to access the tissue underneath. The area is disinfected to kill bacteria and the diseased gum material is removed. The bones are shaped and smoothed to allow for normal gum formation around the teeth with pockets for bacteria to hide. When completed, the gum tissue is stitched in place and allowed to heal.

Osseous surgery can stop the spread of infection, make it easier to maintain oral care at home and prevent further bone loss due to gum disease. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and large pockets around your teeth are contributing to your disease, Contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists to learn more about pocket elimination through osseous surgery.