Laser Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is prevalent among adults, with almost 50 percent of adults over 30 having some form of the disease. Oral hygiene, health conditions and lifestyle factors can all increase your risk of gum disease, which can lead to tooth and bone loss, as well as put you at a higher risk for other health concerns. At Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists, we offer many procedures and treatments to help combat gum disease, including laser periodontal therapy.

One of the effects of gum disease is that the gum tissue around the teeth can become infected, inflamed and diseased. This can result in the gums receding and allowing the bacteria that cause gum disease to flourish under the gumline, creating tartar or calculus on the tooth roots. To address this level of gum disease, the roots must be scraped clean of the tartar and the diseased gum tissue removed before healing can begin. This can be done with incisions through gingivectomy, but it can also be achieved with laser periodontal therapy.

Benefit of Laser Therapy for Gum Disease

Laser therapy for gum disease allows diseased gum tissue to be accurately and precisely removed, without the need for incisions or sutures. This can be a less invasive option with less bleeding and quicker recovery for the patient. A specialized laser tool is used by one of our oral surgeons to remove the infected gum tissue. While under the gumline, the tartar is scraped away from the tooth roots and then they are planed to create a smooth surface. The gum tissue and roots are disinfected to stop the infection. This can promote healing with ongoing treatment to reverse gum disease.

If you have receding or bleeding gums due to periodontal disease, it is time to start treatment to stop the progression of this harmful disease. Contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists today to schedule your consultation to learn more about our periodontal treatment options, including laser therapy.