What is Piezocision? Stafford, VA

For the past years, we have seen many innovations in the field of Orthodontics which adds to the kinds of oral surgery developed to help patients especially the adults. One of the technique developed is called Piezocision which allows accelerating orthodontic tooth movement. This technique is found to be invasive at first, but it evolves to minimally invasive because of thorough study and development. Right now it is more sophisticated philosophy where the orthodontists are given the tools to control the anchorage value of teeth. Piezocision combines micro incisions and decortications to enhance the rate of orthodontic tooth movement. The combined technique allows simultaneous hard and soft tissue grafting via selective tunneling to correct gingival recessions or bone deficiencies it also allows the use of a piezoelectric knife. Piezocision gives the orthodontist another tool to expand their scope of practice. Piezocision has many applications in orthodontics, but its methods in crossbite cases are limited.

Source: Piezocision as an adjunct to orthodontic treatment of unilateral posterior crossbite – PMC (nih.gov)



Uses of Piezocision

  • It enhances the stability of the orthodontic treatment through stronger alveolar cortices when grafted.
  • Improve Periodontium strength by adding hard and soft tissue grafting.
  • Repair the alveolar bone fenestrations and dehiscence.
  • Accelerate Orthodontic treatment in generalized or localized and even sequential manner.
  • Enhance the scope of tooth movement through grafting
  • Enhance patient’s profile by altering labiomental fold.

Piezocision also has its Indications and Contraindications.


  • Correction of deep bite
  • Correction of Open bite
  • Multidisciplinary treatments
  • Prevention of Mucogingival defects
  • Rapid adult orthodontic treatment
  • Simultaneous correction of osseous and mucogingival defects


  • Medically compromised patients
  • Mixed Dentition
  • Non Compliant patients
  • Ankylosed teeth
  • Piezocision must not be used if the patient has a pacemaker or any other active implants.

Piezocision is usually performed a week after the placement of orthodontic appliances. The patient is usually anesthetized, and once it is complete, a small vertical incision is performed in the attached gingiva.  There are series of steps and processes in this kind of surgery that can only be performed by a professional orthodontic and it is essential as well that the patient knows about the conditions and procedure before doing the surgery.

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