Dental Trauma Treatment Stafford, VA

Teeth are made to withstand extreme pressure and impact, but severe trauma can damage teeth. While most dental accidents involve only chipping or cracking the outer portion of the tooth, severe trauma can impact the interior of the tooth. When a tooth root is cracked, or the whole tooth becomes dislodged or “knocked-out,” you need the expertise of an endodontist, a dental specialist for inner tooth damage. At Stafford Oral Surgery, we offer endodontic treatment for dental trauma to prevent tooth loss and to offer pain relief for our patients.

Endodontists treat the interior of the tooth and have extensive training for this dental specialty field. This knowledge and training are needed for severe trauma to the tooth which may involve the living tissue, or pulp, inside the tooth canals. Most severe tooth damage occurs from accidents, often playing sports or experiencing a vehicle crash. Direct impact to one or more teeth can cause deep fractures, broken teeth and even dislodged teeth. Our team at Stafford Oral Surgery has the endodontic training needed to repair severely damaged teeth, often saving teeth that would otherwise be lost.

Cracked, Dislodged or Fractured Tooth Repair

While a general dentist can fix a chipped or slightly cracked tooth, severe trauma should be handled by a specialist. If you or a family member are in an accident that results in a fractured, loosened or lost tooth, call our office immediately. Even if a tooth has been completely knocked out, it can often be saved with urgent treatment from our team. We have the advanced dental technology and expertise needed to repair severe tooth trauma at our clinic to save your tooth and put a stop to any pain.

At Stafford Oral Surgery, we understand that dental trauma can be frightening and painful. We offer a compassionate environment with highly qualified dental professionals to care for your severe tooth trauma. Please contact us first when you need expert care for a dental emergency.