Patient Reviews

I really like the atmosphere in this office. So modern and clean. Staff were all so warm and welcoming. I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled Friday which took less than an hour and haven’t had any issues with stitches. They were very enjoyable during consultation and surgery went well. I’d recommend to anyone in the area.

Monique L.

The staff and Dr. Johnson were incredible. I went there to have my wisdom teeth removed. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. They made me feel very comfortable and worry free. After my wisdom teeth were removed Dr. Johnson even called me in the evening to make sure I was doing well in my recovery. I have never been to a more caring and thoughtful oral surgeon. I highly recommend this place. You get Professional service with a small town feel. My family will only go here for their oral surgery needs.

Stephanie F.

Stafford Oral Surgery and Specialists is amazing! I went a couples weeks ago to get an impacted tooth removed. Dr. Johnson made me feel comfortable and everything was quick and painless! The surgery was very quick and they did so well! Not to mention, the inside is gorgeous and has a home-y feel to make you comfortable! I highly recommend Stafford oral surgery and specialists for a quick, easy, and almost painless surgery!

Anya T.