Before Anesthesia

Many of the procedures we perform at Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists require anesthesia to lessen discomfort and distress for our patients. General or local anesthesia allow our oral surgeons to complete the procedure without pain for our patients. If you are scheduled to have a surgery at our office that will require anesthesia, it is important to understand what will be required before and after your procedure.

It is important not to drink or eat anything after midnight before your surgery. If general anesthesia is used, it can cause vomiting in some patients. Anesthesia can relax the body’s reflexes and it is possible for vomit to enter the lungs. Restricting fluids and food can minimize the risk of solids entering the lungs. Other considerations before your surgery regarding anesthesia include:

  • Wear loose clothing/shirts to accommodate the blood pressure cuff
  • Do not smoke the day of your surgery
  • Contact our office if you are feeling ill with a cold, flu, bowel issues or other ailments

Before your surgery, we will collect your medical history and other information to determine the best type of anesthesia for your procedure. Our team will need to know any medications you take, supplements, alcohol intakes and other factors that could impact the anesthesia.

After Anesthesia Instructions

You will want a responsible adult to bring you to and from your surgical procedure. They will need to stay at our office during the procedure and be able to care for you when they bring you home. You may be groggy if you had sedation or general anesthesia, and it is not recommended to drive or operate any machinery after sedation. Our surgical team will go over any possible complications from the anesthesia and side effects that can be expected.

Our experienced surgical team has undergone specialized training for administering anesthesia to ensure your safety. Please follow these and any other instructions our team gives you regarding before and after surgery precautions for your safety and a quick recovery. Be sure to contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists if you have any questions or need more information.