After Tooth Extraction Surgery

It is important to allow the gums to heal and a blood clot to form after having any tooth extraction surgery. In most cases, the site will stop bleeding and swelling will dissipate within the first few days after your procedure. Your surgical team at Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists will give you instructions on caring for your surgical site before your extraction and prescribe any needed medications.

After your tooth extraction, bleeding is normal until a blood clot forms. We will ask for you to bite down on gauze for 30-45 minutes after surgery to stop the bleeding. You may need to replace the gauze in 3-minute intervals until the bleeding stops. Relax and keep your head elevated, and avoid hot liquids until the bleeding subsides. If bleeding is still occurring after a few hours, call our office for instructions.

During the first day after your procedure, follow these precautionary steps:

  • Use over-the-counter medications for discomfort or pain medications as prescribed. Pain will usually subside within two days.
  • Get plenty of rest and drink fluids to aid in recovery.
  • Do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours. You can use a salt water rinse in the days after surgery to aid healing and flush out debris after meals.
  • Do not smoke, drink from a straw, drink alcohol or brush teeth adjacent to the removed tooth for at least three days after your surgery.

Multiple Tooth Extraction Instructions

If you have more than one tooth removed, follow the instructions listed above. However, you may experience other symptoms due to the advanced nature of your procedure. If you had multiple teeth removed for placement of a denture or to undergo dental implant surgery, you may have more swelling and bruising than with a single or double tooth extraction. You may also experience a sore throat or have cracked corners on your lips. A slight elevation in your temperature is expected, but it should subside within 48-hours – if it does not, call our office.

Our team will advise you on any warning signs of complications from a tooth extraction surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists if you have any questions or concerns after your procedure.