After Bone Graft Surgery

When your bone graft surgery is completed, you should plan to have at least one day to recover. Any surgical procedure can be stressful on the body, and you will need to rest and relax while your body recovers. Our team at Stafford Oral Surgery & Specialists will go over post-surgery expectations and any possible complications that should be reported immediately to our office.

In the 24 hours after your surgery, you can expect some light bleeding from the surgical site. Most bleeding will stop within the first day. You may also find small granules of bone in your mouth. This is normal for up to a week after your procedure as the surgical site heals. Make sure to take prescribed pain medications or antibiotics on the recommended schedule to ensure your comfort and safety from infection. Swelling is likely to occur in the days following your surgery. You can use ice packs on the outside of the mouth at the surgical site in 30-minute intervals during the first 48 hours after your surgery to reduce swelling.

What to Avoid After Bone Grafting Surgery

Knowing what not to do is just as important to your recovery as what you should do. You want to allow your surgical site to heal as quickly as possible. To accommodate quick healing, avoid the following after your bone grafting surgery:

  • Sucking through a straw – drink from a glass to prevent strain on the surgical site
  • Touching or putting pressure on the surgical site with tongue or fingers
  • Pulling on your lip to view the surgery area
  • Using over-the-counter mouthwashes or rinses – use salt water or prescribed rinses only
  • Excess spitting or rinsing
  • Smoking – this can jeopardize the healing process
  • Brushing teeth at the surgical area – brush your other teeth carefully, but avoid the surgical site
  • Crunchy or hard foods until the site heals, and avoid hot beverages and foods during the first 24 hours

If you have any questions or concerns after your bone grafting surgery, feel free to contact our office and speak with one of our surgical team.